The Farm Effect: How Dirt Makes You Happy and Healthy 7 Ways Dirt Is A Powerful Immune System Booster Posted by Christiane Northrup, M.D.   Dirt is not just good for children. We all need a little need dirt in our lives! — Christiane Northrup, M.D. When was the last time you had dirt embedded under your fingernails or mud oozing between your toes? If it was recently, then good for you! Research over the last decade or so has shown that the microbes and bacteria in dirt can help boost your immune system and make you healthier and even happier. Unfortunately, most people today have become germophobic, using germ-killing wipes, hand sanitizers, and evenRead More →

Taken from the LocalHarvest Newsletter, April 24, 2014   *Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter. We all know there are compelling environmental reasons to choose organic food. Many of us buy organic out of a belief that it must be healthier, too. In terms of avoiding the potential toxicity of pesticide residues, it is. But the case for organic food actually being more nutritious has been harder to make. Over the last few years, though, there has been a growing body of research demonstrating not only that organic food is better for us, but how. This month I had a chance to speak with Jessica Shade,Read More →

5 Key Health Benefits of Spinach Get your Spinach at Canticle Farm Market. There are several health benefits of spinach that can make you as strong as Popeye (yes, really!). 1: Nitrates in Spinach Builds Muscle Strength Spinach contains nitrates that helps build muscle strength. A study conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm showed that mice which were consistently fed on nitrates developed stronger muscles than mice whose diet did not contain nitrates. So for growing kids as well as men/women undergoing strength training, eating spinach provides natural dietary nitrate, which helps build muscle. It also helps older men/women over 45 slow down muscleRead More →

Greet celeriac, the unsung frog prince of winter vegetables. Pare off its warty exterior and you’ll uncover the royal vegetable within: a perfect, ivory-fleshed, winter alternative to potatoes and other starches. It is surprising that a vegetable that is so delicious, wonderfully hearty and eminently storable — and makes such a boldly verdant show in the garden — is practically unrecognized in the try-anything United States. In Europe, however, celeriac is a historic favorite. The vegetable’s most classic employment is in the cold French salad celerie remoulade, in which the root is peeled, grated, “cooked” in lemon juice (or blanched briefly in acidulated water) toRead More →

Found this article that many of our supporters may be interested in reading. WRITTEN BY ANDREA MOORE Andrea is a keen traveler and has studied biology, languages, and sailing. She works in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a marine biologist, writer, and editor. From Farm to Table Bring the Farm Closer to the Plate With Community-Supported Agriculture I grew up in the city, and like most urbanites the closest I got to a farm was the produce section of the supermarket. Barring an elementary school field trip or two, we don’t often have the pleasure of shaking hands with our food producers, and doing just thatRead More →

Eating Certified Naturally Grown vegetables doesn’t have to stop when the fall season ends — you can support Canticle Farm and other local producers all winter long at our Canticle Farm Market. We do veggies well but in order to offer our customers a wider range of products, we have teamed up with other local producers and vendors. A few of the items you will be able to purchase: meats, honey, eggs, jams, frozen blueberries, and more. A full listing of vendors will be published in the near future. We couldn’t do all this without support from YOU. Thank you for supporting Canticle Farm and other local farmsRead More →