Sponsored Shares Make a Difference

Sponsored Shares Make a Difference

I had marvelous experiences last week when I visited two of the agencies who, through the Sponsored Share program, received Canticle Farm vegetables last summer.

One of the initial and ongoing goals of Canticle Farm is to provide up to 20% of the Shares grown to those most in need in our local communities. Realizing that Canticle Farm must purchase seed, soil amendments, equipment as well as provide a just wage, these designated shares must be fully funded. To that end, Canticle Farm annually applies for Grants and seeks donations from religious groups and societies, local organizations, individuals and friends of the Farm to sponsor these shares. In 2016, the donated funds enabled Canticle Farm to provide a total of 28 full summer shares to 12 organizations weekly.

The Mission of being in relationship with the Earth and each other is important. A contribution to the Sponsored Share program will make a difference. A gift of any size brings us closer to offering the bounty of the Earth, the fullness of our labor, and the gift of attentiveness to those most in need in our surrounding communities.

It is important that we know how the organizations that receive Canticle Farm Sponsored Shares use the produce. And that brings me back to last week’s experiences. The first agency I visited has an onsite nutritionist who teaches the program participants how to use our “healthy” food, and each spend a week practicing what they have learned while cooking for each other. They are creating a life style change. The other agency provides menus, encouragement and follow up with their clients. Here, Canticle Farm vegetables are a bonus during the summer, and the focus of our conversation was the example of Swiss Chard. After staff had encouraged using the recipes and trying out this “new” vegetable, most liked it, and Swiss Chard became a regular request. Education, encouragement, availability of “healthy” food is making a difference. Canticle Farm and these 2 agencies are making a difference. Sponsored Shares make a difference.

Sr. Melissa

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