Rescheduling CSA Pick Up

What if I can’t make it on my pick up day or I forget?
If you are unable to pick up your share on your designated day you can do one of the following:

1. Have Us Hold Your Share
If you call Mark’s cell phone (716-378-9714) before 6 PM on your pick up day, arrangements can be made to hold your share in our cooler until the next pick up day. Please leave a message if Mark does not answer. Due to some of the tasks at the farm, Mark is not always able to carry his cell phone. On distribution afternoons, Mark does check his phone frequently for messages.

For example, if your pick up day is on Tuesday and you call before 6 PM, we will keep your share of vegetables in our cooler with your name on it until Friday. If it is not picked up by 6 PM on Friday, it will be donated to a food pantry. You may pick it up from the cooler during daylight hours.

2. Change Your Pick Up Day
If you know in advance that you will be gone, you can change your pick up day by leaving a message in the “Comment” section of the sign-in sheet the week before. Simply state which distribution day you will be able to come the following week. Or, you may call Mark’s cell phone (716-378-9714) to leave a message at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled pick up day to reschedule it. With any shorter notice, we may have already picked your share. Please do not get into a habit of changing your pick up day, as this can get very confusing.

3. Have Someone Else Pick Up Your Share
You may have someone else come pick up your share in your place. Simply have them sign their name in your slot on the shareholder list when they come. This is a wonderful way to share the goodness of Canticle Farm with neighbors, friends and family or let someone else experience fresh produce.

4. Donate to a Food Pantry
You may simply leave your share to be donated to a food pantry. If possible, indicate in the comment section of the sign in sheet the week prior to your absence that no one will be picking up your share the following week.

Our desire is that the food is not wasted and that as many people as possible benefit from the fruits of Canticle Farm.

TIP: Program Mark’s cell phone number (716-378-9714) into your cell phone for quick, emergency calls and don’t forget to leave him a voice mail when you call. Due to the physical constraints of his work he may not always have his cell phone in his pocket.

TIP: Enter a reminder on your calendar so that you get in the habit of picking up your share weekly!

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